SUP Tour Sempachersee

SUP Tour Sempachersee

SUP Tour Sempachersee

I started the tour in Sempach at the lower part of the Sempachersee. The parking lot is generous, fair prices, as well as a snackbar and toilet facilities are available. If you travel by public transport, it is best to choose Nottwil as the starting point, the train station is located directly on the lake. Also a possibility for the tour start is Sursee next to the lido in the north of the Sempachersee.
Parking lot: Seevogtei / Luzernstrasse in 6204 Sempach,there is a large parking lot directly on the lake, the daily fee is 5 CHF. IMG 20210615 213926 resized 20210804 014435315

The entrance to the water is simple, but runs over large stones. The footpath from the parking lot to the entrance is about 50 meters, so it is right next to the lake and suitable entry points.


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Breaks and Hot Spots
Around the lake there are a few places to rest. For a longer break, the Caribbean Village in Nottwil near the train station and lake is certainly suitable. However, the SUP must be left behind on the lakeshore. Since there is a surf school next door, the reserved meadow area may not be used for your own SUP, the SUP should be safe from theft, as there is always something going on at the boarding area. The Caribbean flair fits of course perfectly to the SUP tour and so it can be paused with a drink, snack and surf store visit optimal.After the stop in Nottwil, it goes further north and to the tip of Lake Sempach. For me, the upper part of the lake in the Sursee area is more spectacular. If you only want to paddle a little bit, is the Sursee area perfect for it.
As a second stop the small but fine lido Schenkon is suitable. As an external visitor over the water, you may treat yourself to a snack at their kiosk without paying admission. 

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 Caribbean Village, NottwilIMG 20200521 142832 01 resized 20210804 020345581

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Tour in general
The tour can be done in half a day with breaks. I myself have also not encountered much shipping traffic, course ships are not on the lake. Also the Sempachersee is very manageable and you have more or less the whole lake in view. Many SUP enthusiasts can be found in the area of Sempach, Sursee and Nottwil.


Alternative entrances
Bahnhofstrasse, 6207 Nottwil
Strandbadweg, 6210 Sursee


The Sempachersee is for me a lake where even beginners feel comfortable because there is little boat traffic and the entrance is easy. For me, the lake but offers too little spectacle. The upper part is more fun to paddle because there is more to see, nature, beautiful buildings and more.. I rate the lake with 3-4 palms (3 palms the lower part and 4 the upper, northern part).

Enjoy the nature on the water, but please respect it accordingly, thank you. 


You can find the tour summarized as a video in a few minutes at...

Video in a nushell
SUP Tour Sempachersee