About SUP

About SUP
SUP / Stand Up Paddling is fun and can be done on almost any water. If you want to enjoy the nature on water, then SUP is the right choice for you and this sport is suitable for almost everyone.
For beginners, I recommend to take a basic course before you start with SUP. This is the best way to learn the SUP basics and to know if you like SUP or not. For this reason I don't list techniques etc. here, because a 1/2 day course is much better suited. If you feel like doing Stand Up Paddling after a course, I don't recommend buying the cheapest board possible, because the quality and stiffness of these boards are usually poor and the fun on the water can be dampened. So don't save money in the wrong place. However, there are high quality offers of well-known brands for a low budget, which can be achieved with a budget under 1'000 Dollar for a complete SUP equipment. In general there are two types of Baords:

Hard-Boards (SUP)
A better stiffness is not possible, depending on the application these boards are the better and on the water the faster choice! And also you are longer on the water instead of pumping up!

Inflatable Boards (iSUP)
Practical for transport and the iSUPs can be easily stowed away at home. Well-known SUP brands nowadays offer iSUPs, which guarantee a very high stiffness and stability on the water.

Once you have made your choice of board, a consultation in a specialist shop also helps for the decision or you had the opportunity to try out both board variants on a course day, you can then choose the type of Stand Up Paddling or several. Usually you start just4fun and choose an allround board:

SUP Fun / Allround
Paddle around the lake, enjoy the sunset or just relax on the water. Usually the entry into the SUP world.

SUP Race
You want competition, then SUP Race is the right choice, at different race events you can duel with other SUP-enthusiasts. You need a fast board...

SUP Touring / Adventure
Long tours with your SUP are desirable instead of paddling around the same place, then SUP Touring is the right choice. Experience an adventure on your board.

SUP Yoga / Fit
You want to try out your yoga-skills on the water in a new atmosphere? Then take a SUP Fit Board, which is more stable and enjoy nature in a new way, Namaste...

SUP River
You want more action? Then venture out on a river, with the right equipment for experienced SUP-enthusiasts possible.

SUP Surf / Wave
Surfing is great and yes, this is also possible on a SUP, suitable boards and courses are available, of course in places with waves. SUP surfing is not yet so established, but certainly worth considering.

SUP Freestyle
Yes, even tricks on a SUP are possible, thanks to Youtube you can find a lot of things, try them out. But please do not try them in a snowpark or halfpipe in winter, or do you? 😀

SUP Foil
Advanced water sports enthusiasts can go one step further with Foil with this novel technology. Good luck...

Important, no matter where you are travelling with your SUP, please respect the current water rules and the nature reserves, thank you.